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How it works
A peer to peer fashion rental platform - By Rotation connects lenders and renters with each other. Think the AirBnB of mid to high end fashion. Here's a guide to how to use the By Rotation mobile app successfully.
Scope Of Items:
Mid to high end fashion includes items ranging from accessories to clothing for people of all genders. Listed items must not come from high-street brands; suggested items ought to be above the £100 mark or are boutique/designer items. The By Rotation team screens listings on our app regularly to ensure photos and items are up to the guidelines mentioned in this article.
  1. Update your profile with a picture and description. Without a picture, you will not be able to transact or list in either a renter or a lender capacity.
  2. Search the app and find what you're looking for. Contact lenders to ask questions and provide details of your rental.
  3. Book the item for your chosen dates.
  4. Arrange collection, or request delivery via postage or on-demand London courier Peyk. Once received, mark the rental as received.
  5. Return the item to the lender either in person or via delivery/post as agreed upon and leave them a review on their profile.
  6. Depending on the agreement with the lender, clean the item as per their instructions. If no such agreement is made, the lender will take care of cleaning.
  1. Update your profile with a picture and description. Without a picture, you will not be able to transact or list in either a renter or a lender capacity.
  2. List your items on the app for free. Upload photos as per the guidelines below and set your own description, pricing and location. We recommend no more than 5% of retail price per day. Our recommended pricing can be accessed via the ‘use tip’ function when listing an item on the app. You are also able to offer weekly and monthly discounts.
  3. Approve incoming rental requests and respond to messages.
  4. Ensure that your item is cleaned and photographed immediately before the exchange.
  5. Arrange a convenient time and place to exchange your item with the renter, or send via post/delivery if so arranged.
  6. Get paid via Stripe our secure payment system 5-10 business days after the rental period begins, and leave a review for the renter upon the item’s return.
Please note that you have up to 48 hours before the booking date to amend or cancel your rental request.
There are no subscription or joining fees. By Rotation takes a service fee only when a transaction occurs.
Community Guidelines for Lenders:
Don’t overlook presentation: Always add a picture of yourself in the item as the first picture. Rotators love to see how you style your items, or how other Rotators styled your items when they rented it. You can add further pictures, even after your listing has gone live. Photograph all the little details, including colour and flaws. Be honest about sizing: we all know that a size 10 in one brand might be a size 8 in another, so let potential renters know how the item fits.
Please note that you should have the permission to use the photos you upload on to your listings. It is therefore advisable to use your own photos.
Put a fair price to rent: We recommend no more than 5% of the RRP of the item per day, but an item’s rental price remains your choice. Like in any other market, the laws of demand and supply prevail - so you may want to have a look at existing items in the same brand or category to understand if it's a renter's or a lender's market. When in doubt, consider how much you would rent it for yourself. Lower prices mean users can experiment with fashion and dare to play. It also means you are more likely to lend items regularly as you have attractive prices and positive reviews.
Rental period duration: It is up to you if you wish to charge a minimum number of days for rental. Do remember, however, that if it does not make economic sense to rent the item, most renters will not request to do so. You may also wish to be open to dialogue with a potential renter for an arrangement over a longer period (i.e. a holiday) to ensure a more competitive price.
Don’t be afraid to interact: Asking and answering other users’ questions will help guarantee a smooth transaction.
Pick-ups: We recommend that pick-ups take place a day before the rental period starts. This remains, however, entirely up to you and you should discuss times and locations with your renter directly. We recommend pick-ups as it provides confidence in the transaction. You may offer also postage, and in this case we recommend that you send the item first-class at least 2 business days before the rental period starts. We advise renters to send the item no later than a day after the rental period expires. We may charge the renter for any extra days they have kept the item and we will require proof of postage from both you and the renter if there is a dispute on arrival and return of the item.
Cleaning: The lender is in charge of cleaning prior to sending the item and also upon receiving it back. Airbnb works in the same way. You may provide instructions for gentle/light cleaning to the renter if you wish. Do factor in dry cleaning costs if required.
Once the renter has received the item, ensure that they mark the order as complete. This is when you will get paid. Upon return, leave a review for the renter.
Community Guidelines for Renters:
Search: Request an item for a special occasion or for specific dates. Remember that you can communicate with lenders and that, as courtesy between Rotators, we encourage you to tell your lender what your intention for borrowing is.
As soon as you have received the item, mark the transaction as completed (you will find the notification in your Inbox). Upon return, leave a review for the lender.