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The early days of By Rotation, founded in april 2019.
Our Story
By Rotation is transforming the way we consume fashion
by enabling us to share our wardrobes at our fingertips.
Launched by Eshita Kabra-Davies in October 2019 after an eye-opening trip to her motherland Rajasthan, India, By Rotation is a community of pragmatic style-conscious individuals who are reconsidering our environmental footprint.
We believe in sharing and rotating our wardrobe of quality fashion with others. Our mobile app, which allows you to lend and rent items in less than 2 minutes, provides a seamless and accessible experience open to all.
Sustainability and diversity are at the core of By Rotation: because quality fashion should not cost the planet, nor should it be exclusive.
Please read more about our concept and story in the articles below:
Do good for the planet, your wallet and wardrobe at the same time.
With the rise of fast fashion due to competitive pricing and the “wear once” mindset, the amount of clothing we consume has doubled over the last 15 years and 30% of our garments haven't been worn in over a year. The same textile production industry produces approximately 1.2 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent per year, more than the aviation and shipping industries combined.
We believe that the benefits of sharing over owning are clear:
- Utilisation: Increasing utilisation of existing items (we love the 30 wears rule!)
- Waste: Decreasing whim-filled shopping and borrowing instead
- Space: An optimal wardrobe which values quality and statement pieces
- Cost: A more cost-effective approach to a new look
- Community: Connecting with the community at our events
- Passive Income: ​ A great way to make some extra cash
reduce, reuse, recycle, rotate
Community is at the heart of By Rotation
Sustainability is our core value
As a young, lean company with a strong sense of social responsibility, we pride ourselves in our core values of sustainability and community. Our team comes from a huge range of cultural, academic and professional backgrounds - but are united towards the same goal of creating a more circular fashion system.

Please get in touch with us at hello@byrotation.com if you'd like to know more about the company, team and potential positions.
Our Team
Eshita Kabra-Davies
Inspired by a love for fashion that doesn’t weigh on her conscience and with an approach grounded in practicality over indulgence, Eshita founded By Rotation as a side hustle in April 2019. Having travelled to her motherland Rajasthan, India for her honeymoon and witnessed the first-hand effects of textile waste, Eshita felt compelled to change, and bring about change. As an investment professional with over 6 years of experience, she combines her commercial experience with her passions for fashion and graphic design. A “third culture kid”, Eshita is especially focused on creating a conscious and inclusive community that democratises fashion and does not harm the planet.
Vlad N
Head of development
An energetic and highly-skilled developer, Vlad has extensive experience in creating and managing enterprise technology solutions for a wide range of industries. Always keen to problem-solve with creative and alternative means, he is also an avid cryptocurrency trader.
Jil C
Social Media & Marketing
Jil is a London-based content creator, social media strategist and sustainability advocate. After graduating from London College of Fashion, Jil joined Ananas Anam, the developers of sustainable material Piñatex®, as their social media co-ordinator before becoming social media editor at Eco-Age. She now works freelance and is extremely passionate about the environment and sustainable fashion.
Florence V
Flo is a PR specialist with a keen interest in sustainable fashion. Having worked in the fashion industry for nearly a decade, Flo has often felt uncomfortable by the constant promotion of having to ‘buy new’ and pushing people to purchase more. As someone who loves to try out new styles, Flo struggled the balancing buying from the high-street and investing in designer clothes, which is when she came across By Rotation as an alternative solution. She is passionate about starting the #RentalRevolution in the UK and excited to give her extensive wardrobe a new lease of life.
Maruta V
Originally from Latvia, one of Europe’s greenest countries, Maruta has always placed an importance for slow and sustainable fashion. As a Fashion Promotion & Communications graduate, she brings her experience in media, creative styling, press and social media. Her passion for design is evident in her original editorial and visual content.
Will A
Will came to By Rotation via five years’ worth of engagement with various forms of environmental activism. That engagement was further radicalised by Extinction Rebellion’s protest methods and by heat waves and extreme weather events that has hammered the need to act home. A very recent graduate, Will believes that fashion is an industry decisive in the creation of more sustainable lifestyles and a greener economy. And, naturally, he loves a good outfit. Will writes for the By Rotation blog on green issues and helps to promote By Rotation’s climate-friendly credentials.