About Us

Determined to transform fashion consumption for good, Eshita launched By Rotation, the world’s first social fashion rental app, in October 2019.

Our “Rotators” can rent and lend their designer fashion directly with each other, thereby creating a community of sharers.

Because, what’s mine is yours.

Our Mission

By Rotation is determined to transform fashion consumption for good by creating a community of like-minded individuals to conveniently share, monetise, and consciously consume fashion.

By Rotation is more than just a fashion rental app - we are a conscious and self-sustaining community. As a "third culture kid" and a global citizen, inclusivity and diversity have always been of utmost importance to me. A first time founder and outsider to the fashion industry, I am proud of our multifaceted team and our work in raising awareness for sustainability within fashion.

Through joining our community, not only are you able to access designer fashion at a fraction of retail price, but you are also transforming your fashion consumption habits by sharing more. I hope you'll take this leap.

Thank you.