What our Rotators are Saying

Read what our diverse community has to say about their experience using the By Rotation app and how they’ve become more conscious about their consumption of fashion.

"Borrowing rather than buying makes me feel like I am doing my bit to save the planet as it helps reduce landfill waste and helps to improve our carbon footprint."

- Lottie Cooper

"I love the personal feel and sense of community with By Rotation - it really feels like rotators care about your items and treat them like their own."

- Karen Anna

"I love the community aspect about By Rotation & the connections you make with others. Everyone is so friendly & kind. I especially love getting pictures back of lenders in their rotated looks. It warms my heart knowing my wardrobe is being rented for a special occasion (like someone’s own baby shower!). It makes that piece even more special to me."

- Lee G

"My fave thing about By Rotation is the community! I’ve met some incredible humans who have impeccable style all of which, I may have never had the pleasure of meeting! I’m grabbing dinner with another lender next week! "

- Bianca Foley

“By Rotation allows me to try different trends and new brands sustainably without spending big. I have also been more inspired to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to renting pieces because it's relatively cheaper than shopping and also because...why not?! That's the fun of renting clothes"

- Lydia Epangue

"Renting on By Rotation feels like borrowing from good friends - you can share the passion for coveted styles with like-minded people!"

- Alisha Karim

"For years I've been raiding the wardrobes of my friend's and family, and now, thanks to By Rotation, I get to raid the wardrobes of hundreds of women - all from my phone. Pre-By Rotation life, I was a bit of a tinker for buying outfits to wear for special occasions only for them to then hang in my wardrobe and never be seen again. Now I don't buy; I rent. I can be bold, be experimental, be stylish, and wear an outfit only once minus the guilt of being wasteful."

- Dominque Davis

"My favourite thing about lending on the app is sharing the goods! There aren’t as many plus size options out there so feels so good to be able to lend them out, see renters in clothes we both love and hear how good they felt in them."

- Jamie Fallon

"My absolute favourite thing about By Rotation is the pleasure I take in knowing my pieces will not only be treasured by others and be part of their stories, but also get so much more use out of them then they would have otherwise! People and planet, everyone’s happy :)"

- Daisy Milner

"What I like most about By Rotation is the user experience, because you can seamlessly go from browsing rentals, making Pinterest like collections using the 'saved' tool and connecting with like minded people, who of course have excellent fashion taste."

- Tabitha Wilcox

"By Rotation is an incredible platform to connect with other like-minded individuals, sharing fashion and making friends. The best bit about the app for me is that I’ve made over 11k in less than a year. It just makes so much sense to me to lend out what I’m not using - ownership is overrated!"

- Tiffany Luckett

"My favourite thing about lending on the app is the community of people that I get to meet through it! Its like lending to your bestfriends. It's so nice seeing items from my wardrobe getting the wear they deserve (My dresses have a better social life than me lol)"

- Lana Nalepa

"I’ve met so many lovely girls through the app and some of them have become good friends! By Rotation really is more than just a renting app - it’s also a social club with so many cool events and things to do!"

- Omaima El Haouass

"My favourite thing about By Rotation is that I am constantly discovering new brands through the app. I love to try different styles and aesthetics and it's such a great way to find brands that I may have never come across before. My most recent discovery is Alemais and now I'm obsessed with all of their summer dresses!"

- Toluwa Akindele-Ajani

"It’s pretty exciting to make money from my wardrobe, it means that I’m able to invest in better quality clothing and items that I wouldn’t have necessarily bought in the past."

- Kirthanaa Naidu

"I love how everyone can share their wardrobe with everyone, at the same time. The definition of clothing is changing from objects to emotional sharing. No matter where you are from, or who you are, everyone has the right to share their fashion taste or the joyful feeling, that's the reason why I wanted to join the By Rotation family."

- Mimi Cai

"I enjoy lending on the app so that others can enjoy pieces in my wardrobe that I might not be able to wear often. It’s so nice to know that other people are creating special memories wearing a part of your wardrobe."

- Lizzie Joseph


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Each month one lucky Rotator will be rewarded with $50 of app credit.

Please note that the prize is not refundable or exchangeable for cash or any other reward.